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It's what has kept our business thriving for coming up on seven years. 

Every NDSDC Sales Agent Is:

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Submitted to a thorough background screen prior to entering the field for any of our clients.

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Randomly screened for drugs.  We want quality boots on the street.

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Hand-Picked through selective recruiting funnels.

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Chosen on their personality and must meet specific expectations on character before entering the field.

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Badged appropriately and according to campaign guidelines.

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Initially trained 5-10 days prior to being badged and authorized to sell on any campaign.

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In-house agent(s) are visually checked by management prior to entering the sales field.

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Extensively trained with proven sales techniques that assure a better customer interaction.

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Our company has relationships with high quality background check companies such as  Protection Plus Solutions, and have also worked with directly with a variety of other companies to ensure that we meet our clients standard.  If a client has a desired BG check company that they need their vendor to use, then we will learn that interface and incorporate it into our program;  We also have a handful of BG check companies that we can recommend or are currently using that a partner, IBO or client can easily gain access to on-demand.  


We have industrial badging machine at our offices, which allows us to badge our agents professional and real time once approvals come through.  It allows no lag-time in preparing badges to ship to offices that we oversee throughout our umbrella.



If we have solid boots on the street then our clients are gaining quality subscribers with low churn, and this is our goal!