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Michael D. Foster serves as President and CEO of NDSDC, the National Direct Sales Development Center, otherwise known as THE CENTER 4 SALES.  Mr. Foster has been serving our company for over half a decade.  


Prior to his role as CEO, Michael Foster built and oversaw one of the most productive regions at DMI (Deluxe Marketing Inc.), the largest direct sales vendor for Comcast in the western & north western regions from early 2009 to December 2012.  During that time Mr. Foster launched direct sales offices throughout California, Oregon and Washington, as well as into the midwest and southern states for Comcast and Cox cable. Michael Foster was responsible for the primary client relations for each market, as well as maintaining a high volume production that ensured that quotas were being held to at all times. He was responsible for the high quality recruiting and development of many leaders around him who, after proving themselves in one location, often were deployed to launch new markets and oversee multiple offices, all under the supervision of Michael Foster.

The leadership role that Mr. Foster took on and the leaders that he developed during his career at Deluxe Marketing Inc. played an undeniably large part in pushing DMI into the Inc. Magazine/ Inc. 500 ranking three consecutive years in a row. While Mr. Foster held his leadership role at Deluxe, the company earned rankings as one of the 500 fastest growing privately held companies in the country for the years of 2010, 2011 & 2012. 

Stated by many within DMI including the companies CEO, Jeremy Larson himself,  Mr. Foster was one of the greatest team builders and motivators the company had ever seen. Mr. Foster had the ability to go into a market place and recruit, train, lead, motivate and retain agents and managers faster than most in the industry. Mr. Foster had a reputation of continual development, high professionalism and always pushing market invoices to the next level while still staying focused on compliance. These qualities as well as his high level of production led Mike Foster to being promoted to Regional Vice President of Sales within two years of his coming on board with Deluxe Marketing. 

Prior to DMI, Mr. Foster worked for Unity Marketing Group (UMG), as a high performing direct sales agent from 2008-2009.  Mr. Foster performed direct customer acquisition, as an Independent Contractor for UMG, in Stockton, CA & Tacoma, WA.


Mr. Foster's sole mission is to add value to others in the organization no matter where he is.