NDSDC History 

Heather Newman has been serving NDSDC since the inception of the company in late 2012.  She has played an instrumental part in creating the streamlined processes and policies that we have for client operations and communication.  She is responsible for client communication transition and transfer to our ground contractors and direct sales leadership.  She is versed in working with countless back-ground companies and ensuring that corporate compliance is being upheld from a back-office standpoint. 

Heather Newman is responsible for a multitude of our contractor recourses, from the procurement and negotiation of our lead sorting software, to assisting clients in streamlining invoicing and communications, to our marketing firm.  In this industry, you must wear many hats, and Heather's ability to chameleonize to all of our different campaigns has been essential in our operations.  A good example of her due-diligence is the fact that under her administrative control, we have passed every compliance audit for our AT&T Campaign six consecutive years in a row.  She is constantly updating our sales forces on their acquisition data and when NDSDC is in a position for expansion, she consistently assists in training internal administrators to operational-coordinators once they are on-boarded.


  Heather Newman is not only an asset from an operational perspective, but also for rare-qualities that are not known to exist too much these days, and that is the quality of caring for our actual sales organizations well-being, but even more so, loyalty.  As any company goes through many stages as it ages, and must endure market adversity and industry chaos, Miss. Newman has been here from the start.   


Previous Industry History

Prior to NDSDC, Heather Newman also worked with Mike Foster at another marketing firm by the name of Deluxe Marketing INC (DMI), which at the time was the largest vendor for Comcast Cable within the western region.  She met Mr. Foster during an exciting period at that firm, as DMI had just earned it's first of three recognitions from INC Magazine, as one of the 500 fastest growing privately held companies in the country.  She started off as an internal payroll administrator for one of Mr. Foster's Portland, OR regional direct sales offices.  Within a year of hiring Heather Newman, Mr. Foster was promoted to Regional Vice President of Sales at DMI, and through Heather's high work ethic and ambition, she transitioned into assisting the majority of his region's offices. 

"Heather is one of the few individuals that was able to gain contractor access to the Comcast CSG system in order to expedite Comcast /DMI claim processes.  This drastically assisted retention of our contractors within the region and boosted DMI's overall revenue.  Her ability to find sales contractor's needs, transfer that information back to the client,  and then strategize a proper process to meet those needs assisted the region in forming a more unified commission reporting system for billable sales." states Mike Foster.  

While Heather physically worked at the regional headquarters in Portland, that market experienced overall record breaking invoices.  "We had a combination of three high quality offices very close to each other in this market, all under one client.  I personally oversaw the BO on these three while dealing with the Region on a more remote basis.  Our guys came together in that market back in early 2012 and I remember creating close to a $100,000 billable acquisitions invoice to add to our region for DMI that week.", Heather shares. 

Heather Newman's ability to streamline communications, provide regional lead distribution, utilize and create tracking systems for multiple office vendor distribution, execute systematic on-boarding methodology and perform client invoicing in a scalable fashion- allowed her to be promoted to Regional Administrator.  At the latter portion of her second year at DMI, she worked exclusively within Mr. Foster's expanding sales region and she controlled and oversaw ALL administrative duties throughout a diversified portfolio of contractor offices and cable campaigns.  Heather Newman took on more responsibility as the region expanded into different states and worked directly with DMI's CFO, and other leadership within the firm to assist in the overall success of the back-office support as sales continued to rise year after year.  Heather Newman's regional administrative duties, assisted in roughly 30-40% of DMI's overall sales volume, at any given time of the month.