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At THE CENTER 4 SALES, our focus is your focus - to develop a strong direct sales organization that satisfies the need for stability in customer acquisitions.  From the beginning, we strive to provide you superior, long-term campaign support in every market we manage, as we assist you in scaling your brand to as many residential customers as possible!  Our industry relies heavily on the “show and tell” philosophy, so we understand that earning your business involves showing you how, where, and why you should allow us to help you succeed!


Positive personal interaction will carry your brand to the heights that you desire, and beyond.  Every agent in our organization is hand selected by our experienced team of management professionals, and subjected to a thorough screening process, which includes a criminal background inquiry and initial drug testing.  Agents that are able to complete this screening process are then extensively trained in effective sales strategies, as well as proper sales etiquette, to ensure that face to face interactions with customers produce quality results.  We understand that genuine interest, combined with product knowledge, when portrayed with respect and honesty, are the keys to a positive personal interaction.


Unlike most direct sales companies, we believe that this business can represent so much more than just increasing the “bottom dollar” for our clients. The agents we contract come from varying backgrounds, yet, they share a common goal – to enhance the quality of the life they live.  This industry has proven, time and time again, that the clients we partner with give each agent the ability to do that.  The careers that are created by your brand’s presence in the community are also a win, solidifying a positive name for your company in the communities we serve. 

Focusing on organic, local agents with a desire to succeed creates a much simpler path from “sales agent” to “energy retailer”.  As the agent becomes familiar with the attributes your brand offers, not only to the community, but to their own earning potential, a sense of loyalty is created.  Company compliance is paramount, so our agents tend to feel more acclimated with the brand they begin with. We work hard to foster a “career” mindset in our agents by providing above average compensation plans that include diverse commission and incentive programs.  This keeps the agent engaged in the customer acquisition process, and creates a constant desire to perform well for your brand. 

THE CENTER 4 SALES has been shifting the focus of the industry in this way for ten years, and the results have been rewarding!  Our market expansion is notably impressive, and our longevity with the clients we serve is truly amazing.  Our “bottom line” is to secure a new type of industry standard, where an agent views this opportunity as a long-term career, a utility can confidently rely on continued customer acquisition to maintain profits, and a community is comfortable in choosing the excellent service and value your brand offers.


We understand how important our clients are to our success, and we make sure that our agents understand that as well.  We engage with our agents on a daily basis, and training is ongoing, and tailored to management’s assessment of each agent’s strengths and weaknesses in the field.  As a result, our agents are experts at projecting professional mannerisms, being courteous, understanding of the diversity of customers and remaining mindful of the customer experience.  Also, our agents learn the complexity of energy and how specialized products can better fit certain consumers, which gives them a unique advantage over your typical field agent, and our energy client gains perpetual sales from solid, can-do field agents. 


Our diversified portfolio, holding over a decade of experience, shows our proven track record of meeting and exceeding client’s goals. We have worked closely with Fortune 100 | 500 Companies, public and private ESCOs and utilities, and every time, we produce the results they are expecting.  Our CEO, Mike Foster, has developed and managed direct sales and face-to-face marketing organizations that have acquired more than half a million customers during his career!.  He passes that real world expertise on to our agents, so that we have a realistic goal to double those numbers over the next two years as we focus on developing our new energy client programs and sales platforms on a national level. 



Launching a new market is our specialty. Our experienced market analysis team always performs research on the market prior to launching a new office immediately after the start date is finalized.  We research the competition, sales utility territories, income brackets, recruiting tools and overall demographics.  Our operations department prepares all collateral, apparel and needed marketing material to be shipped and arrive well before launch.  Our operation coordinators and executive administrators work directly with our client to ensure that we have all on-boarding procedures and documents ready for our new and growing team.  


Meanwhile, a very seasoned Energy Sales Director will be deployed to the market to procure, acquire, and furnish the office space.  Pictures are sent to our corporate office make sure that it is up to THE CENTER 4 SALES standards. Upon execution of the Market Acceptance Agreement, our recruiting department is in full focus on the new venture.

We usually recruit a seasoned sales leader with an enthusiastic attitude that thrives on “developing others.”  If, for any reason, a local leader has not been acquired to run the office in time, up to our regiment and culture standards, then we always have a leader and experienced energy trainers on stand-by, ready to be deployed to launch the market on time. We pride ourselves in our advertising-to-hire procedures and are pleased to show our client a full room of excited go-getters applying for the energy retailer positions prior to our launch.

Each potential agent is screened by our recruiting and HR department, proceeding with an in-office face to face interview performed by our experienced managers. The office is meant to be a structured, yet exciting atmosphere. Once an applicant is selected from the group, they are then subjected to a series of pre-training tests, including a background inquiry, a drug screen, and any other tests the client requests. The intensive in the office and in the field training readies them for continued success.  Once training is complete, they are deployed into the field under close supervision, as an energy retailer, to represent our client’s brand in the field.  THE CENTER 4 SALES will perform this regiment as many times as needed to acquire a quality headcount of excited team players, READY to be deployed to the field for a successful launch!!!



As we do pride ourselves in being THE CENTER 4 YOUR SALES, we have DSR’s (Direct Sales Representative) and Door-to-Door Field Management being developed every day in many States, as well as our home office.  When the competition uses their home office as an administrative ground, we use ours as a Direct Sales recruiting ground and in the best words: “A DIRECT SALES DEVELOPMENT SCHOOL.” 

We are constantly growing in sales agent body capital, technology and innovative team building and sales strategies for our clients.  We have a pull of leaders to deploy for any market needs and for campaign assistance and more importantly longevity.  Our CEO is a fellow Door-2-Door team builder, with 10 years of experience in Direct Sales Executive Management and Corporate Leadership.  Our CEO and company executives visit our markets constantly to inspire the organization for growth and to constantly assist our market\ office Managers in coaching for unlimited advancement with the marketing firm, in vending our partner’s products.  Support for our organizations is what breeds them into machines for our clients and provides the ultimate campaign longevity.

THE CENTER 4 SALES, is a DBA for our parent company, the NATIONAL DIRECT SALES DEVELOPMENT CENTER, LLC.  Where we teach sales development and rival the top industry leaders for superiority in building the most premier organic direct sales teams in the nation. 


All of our campaigns are tailored for each market, and for each client.



To partner with a National Supplier and to be their #1 Retail Vendor in the U.S.