IBO, stands for "Independent Business Owner."  This term, IBO, was derived from the MLM industry, however pivoted to be used wide-spread within the Direct Sales industry multiple years ago.  The term was recently coined in the Door 2 Door industry by some of our up-scale marketing firm friends, however it was classically known and understood as a "SUB-CONTRACT" agreement.   



If you are an IBO, then you have all of the resources to fully function as the marketing firm for YOUR sales people and the proper personnel to communicate with your Master Agent / Clients.  Unlike the standard MLM industry, the IBO[Sub-Contractor], must also be fully set up to deal with large amount of invoices flowing through our firms and into the hands of our contractors;  We care about our campaigns and any agents that are involved, so you must be fully set up for payroll so that we can work as a team to ensure that all are paid their hard-earned commissions. 



We have all functionality and experience in place to contract IBO's for our campaigns and usually have partners on the ground at any given time of the year.  We, being the Master Agent, will formally vet any IBO that applies, as your boots on the street will be the direct reflection of our relationship with our clients. 



Being a quality IBO in our industry creates Millionaires and is a great first step to gaining your own contracts directly with Suppliers or Telecom clients.  Also, for exclusive clients, it allows us all to share in the transfer of wealth within our industry and take a piece of the market.  



If you are an IBO, and want to essentially partner with us, then you must have infrastructure & historical experience to meet the minimum requirements below: