live/work program

Our agents have the option to stay in dorm-style housing located in Sacramento's premier, upscale neighborhoods.  These agent houses are fully furnished with everything you might need, and some of the things you want, too!  This is a great choice for agents who are new to the Sacramento area!


Here at THE CENTER 4 SALES, we believe that the best way to help an agent succeed is to make sure they have ALL the tools they may need to achieve success.  The van pool is another way to do that - company vans, shared driving responsibility, shared cost of travel.  


One of the worst feelings is to put in a full, 40 hour work week, and receive a check that will barely cover your needs.  Here at THE CENTER 4 SALES, things are a little different.  The amount of money you earn is based on the amount of work you are willing to do, and our agents have the paychecks to prove it!

advancement opportunity

There are no stagnant positions here.  Depending on your  abilities, there is always room for advancement - team leads, management, trainers - there are many ways to move up within the company.

travel/road trips

Most of our campaigns require that we serve the needs of clients in many different places, not just one city.  We frequently take the weekends and use them as get-away time....and earn a little money while enjoying a vacation!  

performance bonuses

THE CENTER 4 SALES is performance based pay, and bonuses are no execption!  We love to reward exceptional effort, and our agents enjoy the spiffs, bonuses, contests, and prizes the company offers.


We don't believe in "secret" tricks of the trade - Our mentors offer daily group coaching, where they consistently provide support for new agents.  Our proven techniques are easy to learn, and help is always available, from your mentors and from other agents.


The founder of NDSD Center, Mike Foster, has a unique understanding of what it takes to make it.  His self taught, realistic approach to building wealth is unparalleled, and he looks forward to the opportunity to share it with you.  


Every mentor at The Center is excited to be a part of your journey!  Individual counseling sessions are a regular part of the routine here at NDSDC.  Your confidence level and optimism staying at it's peak is paramount to your success, and we are striving for you to succeed!