NDSDC, otherwise known as THE CENTER 4 SALES, is a company that is constantly in the process of developing ground-breaking market-share procurement strategies that target the direct sales industry, with specific focus on the energy and telecom space. NDSDC serves multiple Fortune 500 companies, as well as working as a consulting firm for startup entrepreneurs who are seeking direction for their own company.  

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We specialize in building direct sales organizations on a local and national level for Fortune 500 companies. Our commitment to delivering results shows through in our high volume customer acquisition, the quality of our sales, and the overall customer experience.




We boast a diversified portfolio, with over a decade of experience showing a proven track record of executing goals. From Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies to public and private ESCOs and utility providers, we bring results. This is the reason that companies throughout the U.S. choose NDSDC for their marketing demands.



Our ability to shift and change as necessary for our clients' market specific goals allows us to outshine the competition in recruiting, sales, and training programs.  Our back office and compliance staff gives us the flexibility to adjust our company mode, allowing us to manage and oversee other direct sales companies.  

Quality assurance and compliance are the basis for our success and the foundation of our company. Our members are always up to date with organizational advances, and are equipped with the knowledge of our strategic campaign processes. This allows us to attack escalations in real time, and to respond quickly to our clients' needs. 

We pride ourselves in not only assisting our clients, but our sales agents as well.  Our company has implemented a unique, temporary housing opportunity for those agents who benefit from it.  In this program, agents are assisted with relocation to our markets, while they financially transition upward.  From housing to van pool, our company offers resources and procedures that assist sales agents in getting a head start in life [see agent relations page].