Professional. Experienced.

NDSDC, dba THE CENTER 4 SALES, has been holding its ground for well over half a decade, primarily within the California market.  We take extreme pride in having superb experience, historical knowledge and true data of the door-to-door direct sales industry here.  We are highly aware of the current market structure from the door-to-door perspective, and we are constantly taking note of the migration of ground agents as they shift in the industry to whichever campaigns prove to be the most lucrative [i.e. The Comcast surge, the Spark Energy IPO & Life Line ease of customer acquisition introduction to market & industry].  


We have managed and controlled agents within campaigns of industry-high-interest, and have built complete organic organizations for clients that have a higher specification on the customers that they require.  Most Cable/Telecom clients are extremely established, with long term infrastructure and staffing.  Considering that, we find that any of our newly formed energy supplier clients are the ones with higher specifications on their desired acquisitions.  We are excited to say that we have multiple years of experience in building those specific customer bases, almost exclusively from zero subscribers to over 20,000 subscribers "on-flow" within just a couple of years.  This holds true with one of our existing clients here at the ladder portion of 2018, bringing the customer base to currently show a profitable margin.  We are excited to see our clients grow; however, it is not easy in the beginning as the client molds into a more evolved ESCO.  


Diligently working with clients on niche programs requires more extreme demands on the marketing firm, in order to build a new and attractive customer portfolio for their investors.   As time goes on (a long time in our experience), and everything becomes more streamlined between both back-offices is when we start to finally gain the long term goals we desire.  Our clients are always our first priority!  If the project takes half a year within a seasonal territory, or multiple years to get the P&L stabilized, or even just to drastically increase subscribers in a market, we are here to serve.  We are a patient company.  We bring in numbers, take care of our internal people, but we are always looking to the future for our clients.  This is what has allowed us to maintain our professional reputation thus far, and will remain our company vision for the future.

Focused.  Versatile.

We focus on clients primarily within the cable, telecom and deregulated energy industry.  The owner of NDSDC was highly involved in the Comcast contractor "door-to-door sales hay-day" during the Alchemy payouts and launch of the CDV product.  He scaled direct sales offices throughout most major markets in the Western Region (California, Oregon, and Washington),  and into a variety of other systems in Texas, Nevada, and even as far as Louisiana.  In 2012, he began transitioning to the Natural Gas Deregulation in the PG&E Market.  

Our company was one of the pioneers, acquiring some of the first direct contracts with ESCOs during the infant stage of PG&E's door-to-door natural gas boom, which shortly afterward turned into a national industry eye opener.  We are versed in every type of campaign, with a unique understanding of what makes them attractive to the industry. Whether it's a sign-and-go based program or a TPV based structure with no wet-signature; whether you have variable rates, variable rates with caps, unlimited products, fixed rates, or hybrids, we can produce results.  Whether your prices are below or above utility rates; whether you offer brown, extreme green, or only green products, we can connect you to the customer base you need. We are also the top REC  [Renewable Energy Certificate] marketing company vendor within the PG&E market.  We pride ourselves in having sold it all in the deregulation market.  


We have worked with clients that are seeking only higher income residents, to clients that accept customer acquisition with no zip code, size or income restriction on SFU's and full pay on MDU's.  We have worked with and succeeded for clients that require only vending on a lead sheet with pre-approved credit customers, to massive land-rush campaigns with no demographic restrictions.  We love when a client is large enough to allow us to invoice 100% for all of our acquisitions, yet we have also pushed numbers for clients that will only allow subscribers to be commissionable when they have a desired amount of annual energy usage proven for a fiscal year.  At an even higher point of view, we are happy to say that we have performed well in every situation.  Plus, loyalty just goes a long way in this industry.  Our clients see that the grass is always greener on our side! 

Telcom Clients

We have held exceptional campaigns directly with multiple top government Life Line projects.  We have scaled hundreds of agents, from the tip of Washington state to the most southern territories of California.  Our agents have dealt with every process imaginable, from products that are dropped shipped, to customer activation on site and product in the customer's hand. We hold professional grade systems with high communication from corporate to the ground.  


We have, consistently, since the birth of our firm in 2012, held a contract with AT&T to vend their entertainment products in the northern California territories.  


We have had our flag placed in almost every highly populated metro city and small rural town along the Western Region.  If you live in the West Coast and have purchased Telecom, Cable or Deregulated Energy from a professional door-to-door agent, obtained a government Life Line cellular phone from a vendor tent on the street, in a shopping center or in a big box retail store, you may have already experienced our company professionalism.  If you are a client looking to expand your customer base, we are the agency to partner with.